12 years have passed but you are loved and remembered every day. Rest in peace, Mark.



Although it's only the 29th June, it is Saturday, the day of the week you left us. I am re-living that day and imagining how you would be if you hadn't gone down that route. You are still missed so much, especially that easy smile you had. Sure we argued, but it was so easily forgiven by both of us. A lot has happened in the past 12 years, I wonder where you would have fitted in? You are always in our thoughts. God bless you, my son. XXX



Miss u lad. Xxx


Sean obrien

Still at times like this brother wen I'm hurting. I remember u and it helps me. Just coz how u was with me wen I was a kid. U made me who I am. Eventually. Lol. Love u lad. Miss u. Xxx


Sean obrien

Today is Time to Talk Day (7th Feb) and haven't been able to stop thinking about you.



Mark, I am just sat outside my daughter’s drama & dance class and cannonball came on the radio and it always reminds me of you. So here I am writing this message. I can’t believe its been 11 years since you left but I just wanted to pass my love and gratitude to your family for their dedication to raising awareness and supporting young men accross merseyside. I have so many loved ones who have been affected by suicide in some shape or form over the years. Thinking of you all and Mark xxxx


Susannah Gorman-O’Driscoll

29th December 2018. Difficult to believe you would have been 39 to-day. I don't know why we only write on your birthday and 30th June, as we think about you all the time. Looking at your photo's again takes us all back to so many times, so many memories. Till we meet again,


Mum and Dad XXX

Happy Birthday, Mark. Never forgotten xx



Happy Birthday, Mark. Never forgotten xx



Ur always in my heart. Now and again I put Damien rice cannonball on to remember u lad. I have it on now and it makes me remember everything about u. Love u loads mate. Sean. Xxx


Sean obrien

I'm in danger of repeating myself. I have written so many words over the last 11 years, but they won't bring you back. I always hope that if someone is feeling like you must have felt, then they read some of the writings from your friends and family, and instead of taking their own life, they seek help and don't cause the pain that we all still feel. Every June 30th, we relive that Saturday in 2007.I pray you are at rest. I miss you my son, and always will.



Eleven years today my beautiful Mark. Small mementos left behind are safely tucked away, Precious memories that we shared are in our hearts to stay. Love always,



Eleven long years but you will never be forgotten. Your smile is as vivid as ever. RIP Mark.


Auntie Gill

Thinking of you on your birthday, Mark; but that is nothing new, For no day dawns and no day ends, Without a thought of you. All my love xxx



29th December 2017 Struggling to believe you would have been 38 today. You probably would have grown up a bit by now! I would have loved to see what you had done. Not many people knew you had dreams and I know some of them would have come true. I just wish...I wish... Happy Birthday, Son.



A little Scottish poem to help soothe aching souls. Epitaph on a Friend An honest man here lies at rest, The friend of man, the friend of truth, The friend of age, and guide of youth: Few hearts like his, with virtue warm'd, Few heads with knowledge so inform'd; If there's another world, he lives in bliss; If there is none, he made the best of this. Robert Burns Ten years on, thinking of your loved ones today and hoping they can find strength together in sharing all the happy memories. xxx



Thinking of you Mark and your family on this day 10 years on. Think of you on many days when i read / see / hear something that sparks a thought and realise that you are the only person that would get it. Miss you



10 years today xx we miss you more than ever. I could go on but I won't,I will just remember my beautiful boy, my friend, my Mark. xxxx Love for always.



30th June 2007 - 10 years today. A date etched in our memories. Difficult to believe it has been 10 years since we last saw you. As the saying goes, when you leave you don't just take yourself away, you take so many others with you. You are missed so much. xxx



Thinking of you mate and all the family. Xxx


Sean obrien

Ten years today. Every day filled with sorrow especially for Doug Anne and Andrew.Such a tragic waste which has affected so many people.Love to all the family and friends.xxx


Jim and jean

Mark I think iv day by day. U will never leave my heart kida. Much love. Xxx


Sean obrien

Just had a whole series of memories of you Mark and so wanted to leave a message for you here. It's futile in many regards I know, but I wanted you and your family to know you can't and won't be forgotten. That you were liked and loved.


Alex Williams

Happy birthday, Mark. Missed as much as ever. Yet to meet anyone with your impeccable manners. And that smile.........xx


Auntie Gill

No cake or pressies but a candle in our circle of friends; remember you bought it. It's shining bright and strong like my love for you. The candle will burn and fade but my love and pain go on and on xx



29th December 2016. I wish you were here to wish Happy 37th Birthday to you. I remember the day you were born - I never imagined I would spend 10 years crying over you. I can't even say we miss you more, because we have missed you so much it is impossible to say. Look for the balloons in the sky xxx



Thinking of you today on your birthday and miss you.



Thinking of all your friends and family, especially today. Happy birthday kidda xx



Miss you always. xx



Just thort of u today mate miss u loads homeslice. Peace. Xxx


Sean obrien

Marc lived across the road from me as a kid. Not too many memory's of that except for being a typical lad we all got on with! 10 years later he was playing guitar in the first band I ever saw live(seven fold?) and I was blown away.he had a white Gibson studio which went onto being the guitar of choice for Liverpool musicians! I was completely in awe and he inspired me to up my game and showed what local musicians were capable of. I doubt I would have the passion for music I do now if it wasn't for seeing Marc blow away the crowd at the 147 that night. God and all of us love you And thank you so much Ian


Ian Dunn

It is nine years since we have seen that unforgettable smile. You will always be with us, Mark. Keep us all safe.


Auntie Gill

30th June 2016. Thinking about you and all of your family and friends, especially today. Hoping that even an ounce of comfort can be taken from the peace that you've found from your demons, knowing that the love and support you had in your life brought you happiness and helped to keep them at bay. Lots of love, Lizzy xxx


Lizzy Garner-Foy

Thinking of your family and friends on a random winter's day in January 2016. Time doesn't heal all wounds, but I hope that love, support and understanding will help ease the pain, even a little. Lots of love xxx



Today would have been your 36th birthday. We wonder what you would be like now? Just one more of our many questions, that we know will never be answered. As the years roll by, the hole in our lives grows larger. Still desperately missed.


Mum and Dad.

Thinking of you buddy. This year Jen and I have missed you deeply. Wish you could have met little Woody. xx



You may be gone from our sight but you are never gone from our hearts.

Happy birthday, Mark x


Auntie Gill

I had a dream about you last night. You were just as funny, kind-hearted, mischievous and sarcastic as I remember you. I woke up with a wet pillow and an even stronger sense of the importance of helping people in crises. Your light shines on X



The 30th June 2015 is almost over; 8 years today. We're still wondering what you would be like now. Today we tried to do something different, but its still the same. You are missed as much as ever. I don't think we will ever stop asking ourselves questions. If only, if only.......



30th June 2015. Thinking of all your family and friends, especially on this difficult day. I hope this can be a time to remember the happy times and share your peace. Lots of love xxx



June 2015 We thought of you today But that is nothing new We thought of you yesterday And will tomorrow too We think of you in silence And make no outward show For what it meant to lose you Only those who love you know Remembering you is easy We do it every day It's the heartache of losing you That will never go away. Loved and never forgotten Auntie Gill xx


Auntie Gill

Happy birthday Mark! Thinking of all the people who would give anything to wish you a happy 35th today. The memories of your chuckles and cheekiness never fade. Lots of love xxx



Happy Birthday, Mark. Your smile is as fresh in my mind as if I had seen you yesterday. You will never be forgtten, Who could forget your generosity of mind and spirit and your willingness to help others? Rest in peace and watch over us.


Auntie Gill

Happy birthday mate. 35. It's seems a long road back to 20, 25, 30 yet our memory of you is perfectly frozen in time. I try to think what you'd be like today but all I see is just you, the way you always were. I even told little Woody about you and am sure I will tell him the whole story when he's old enough, and yes, make the poor lad listen to Sevenfold. We all still miss you terribly and will to our own final days; but our memories of your warmth, kindness and cheekiness help to guide year on year.



It would have been your 35th birthday today (29/12/2014). Our wonderings still go on. 35-years old doesn't seem like you but then 27 didn't either. If anyone ever has thoughts of taking their own life, I would hope that they would read the words said about and for you. They would, I'm sure, think twice. It may seem a 'way out' but if you/they knew the desolation it causes, and that it lasts for ever,then perhaps, just perhaps, it might not happen. There is always a way to work it out. God bless you, my son.



just Wana say ur allways in my thoughts mate. Xxx


Sean obrien

30th June 2014. Thinking of all the people who had the pleasure of knowing and loving you. May they take even an ounce of comfort that you are at peace from your demons. Lots of love xxx


Lizzy Garner-Foy

30th June 2014 - 7 years or 7 days; that is what it still feels like. If only you had had half an idea of what it would do to your mum and all of us, then maybe it wouldn't have happened. I looked at your photos last night and remembered so many happy times. I just pray you are at peace now. God bless you, my son.



I don't know why I thought of Mark today. It's been many years since I left Liverpool and we knew eachother only briefly. As ever, I'm amazed and in awe of the way the universe works since I didn't realise today marks the anniversary of that sad day. Reminds me of many a late night deep-and-meaningful with Mark, trying to figure it all out and then laughing till our sides hurt. Always the perfect gentlemen, I'm so glad you came into my thoughts and extend these to your family and close friends today. You are remembered fondly and with a smile. And for the record, Mark, I've still not figured it all out. Not yet.



Six and a half years have passed, yet it's amazing at how time appears to stand still, as it only seems like yesterday. So very much remembered in our hearts and thoughts, each and every day. Forever, loving memories, which we will take into the new year 2014, Mark. You will be there, like the biggest and loudest, firecracker in the night's sky. God bless you always XXXXXXX


sylvia, Angela,Heidi & Ian

Happy birthday Mark. Thinking of you - we should be toasting your birthday in the jewel of India.



34 to-day. What would it have been like? It still seems like only yesterday you would come through the door and smile. Sure, there were bad times, but we always got through them, till now. If only, if only.... I could write for ages, but let's keep it private. All our love, son


Dad xxx

Merry Birthday lad. x



Happy Birthday buddy! Always loved, never forgotten. xxx


Lizzy Garner-Foy

Happy Birthday, Mark. Think of you often, but especially today. Watch over us..


Auntie Gill

Happy Birthday Mark 29/12/2013. It would have been so good to see how you would have grown and progressed. Sadly we were never able to see you fulfill all your potential. You are always in our thoughts, you will never be forgotten. Love to Doug, Anne and Andy. Jim, Jean, Sean, Claire and Deb Xxx


jim obrien

I stumbled across this site and thought that it was only fitting to say a few words..I remember when u got your first guitar (a Jackson I think) and I knew that a burning passion would develop.

My thoughts for you and your family are with me.

Rest in peace mate.


Dave berwick

Good night godbless Mark
Miss the good old days

Sorry this is so late I've only just found this

Miss you mate save me a seat up there x x x


Joey Keeley

Mark, you will remain in our thoughts, the happy and smiling musician.Thinking of Doug, Anne, Andrew, Lisa and family especially today.

Love Graham, Irene and Family.x


Irene & Graham Hughes

We remember Mark for his kind and happy way of treating people.


Graham, Irene & family.

Thinking about you and everyone who misses you dearly, especially today.


Your happy spirit is never lost.


Love and hugs xxx


Lizzy Garner-Foy

Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day. Never forgotten, Mark, in the six long years since you left us. Watch over us.


Auntie Gill

In your words 'Merry Birthday' (if only).


A small rainbow peeped out of the clouds today, your birthday balloons flew straight into it.

How cool is that?


Love and miss you, your Mum.



Remembering Mark as a kind, gentle, person and gifted musician. He will remain in our hearts always.


Irene and Graham

Back in Liverpool and thinking of you tonight mate. It's all very quiet without you.



29th December 2012. To-day you would have been 33. I wonder where you would be in life? Maybe I wonder that, everyday that passes. We grieve for you every day.


You are still missed so much, and it's as if you only left us yesterday. Our one consolation is you are no longer suffering or in angst. Yes, there are contradictions in my words, but then that only reflects these circumstances.


All the words expressed over the last five and a half years just tell me, as they would tell you, how loved and respected you were.....and, of course, still are.


I shan't say anymore. I don't need to.

Happy Birthday, my son,

Dad xxx


Doug McQueen

Happy Birthday Mark! Missing you always xx


Greg, Bex & Ava

Happy birthday mate. Jewel of India followed by Krazy House as usual?



Think of you often and always remember that beautiful smile. Happy birthday, Mark xx


Auntie Gill

Hi Doug, Anne and Andy


Really shocked only just found out (11/11/2012). Long time since we have been in touch but that does not affect how deeply we feel for you. We lost Bob in similar circumstances 1993, we miss him too.


Phil and Val


Phil and Val Allen

ah,I thought you'd appreciate this piece of music, to commemorate, 5 long years.


Please go to this website and hear this beautiful hymn?




Heidi, Ang, Ian, Sylv

Things are so different now to how they were back then. I wish I could sit and talk everything through with you. You'd always have an angle nobody else would see.



Thinking about you cous. Can't believe it's been five years...



30th June 2012. As the years go by , many would think it would be easier, but it is not so. Your mum and I ( and ,of course, others ) miss you everyday. There is so much we want to say but it becomes even more private. Today is Saturday again and we are re-living every hour. If only, if only,if only.... I love you , my son. Dad.


Doug McQueen

Remembered and loved always xxx



You are not forgotten if you are spoken about and remembered with love, as you are, Mark.


Take care of us.


Auntie Gill

Miss you always.... so much to tell you. I wonder what you would make of now!



Happy Birthday Mark


This night was often my favourite night of the year: jewel of india in woolton village followed by an adventure into town. Always full of fun and laughter.


Missing you and thinking of you often.



It gladdens me, but saddens me, the way you are so fondly remembered.


The writings today re-inforce the love everyone had for you and how you are so sorely missed.


Tasha catches a bit of it; nobody fully understands until it happens to them.

We miss you so much,not a day passes without thinking of you.



(Thank you to everyone who has posted a writing , whether it be one line or a verse.)



Happy birthday kidda.


My thoughts and love are with you, your family and friends... today and always. X



Happy Birthday dearest Mark. Thinking of you today especially.xx


Auntie Gill

Happy birthday bud. Thinking of you today..



Happy Birthday Mark. As always, I'm thinking of you. All my love.



Mark I've only just seen this site and felt that I had to write something.


You were such a lovely person, a true gent and such a laugh to be around. I remember spending many a night out and in with u and abbey, we had a ball.


It's only now when I look at my kids that I can't even imagine the heartache Doug and Anne and the rest of your lovely family must feel as life goes on without you.


I hope you are at peace and in a happy place mate.


Lots of love Xxxx



I was very moved by your dad's tribute on channel 4. You were obviously deeply loved by all- and that in itself is remarkable.


Tristan Farnworth



Days will come and days will go,
Sun, rain, wind and snow,
Light to dark, dark to light,
Your presence felt, with eternal might,
Summer, autumn, winter, spring,
Your voice in my ear, eternally rings,
Amid the seasons, the elements too,
1'sweet' memory,will always shine thro,


Eternal love


Heidi, Ang, Ian, Sylvia & Phil P.

The smell in the air this time of year is very moving and I suspect always will be. Could it be the season, Marlborough Lights or Aquatonic... or a mix of the three?

Take care squire, see you later.




Can't believe how time has passed, it only seems like yesterday - would have so much to tell you all about. Missing you still as always.



4 years, yet it seems like yesterday since we last saw you. Yet 4 years of heartache of missing you. You who brought so much into our lives and then it was snatched away. Words don't tell our grief. Words just don't do it. Dad



4 Years, feels like yesterday to me.Yet it seems like 100 years since I saw you. Life goes on around me; I think of you every minute of every day. I respect your decision, the path you chose, but I hate it too.

Stay by me. Love forever, Mum.



That he was near to you
So many a year
But darkens you distress.
Would you he were
Less worthy and less dear
That you might grieve the less?

He was a golden font
That freely poured
What goldenly endures,
And though that font be gone,
Its bounty stored
And treasured,
Still is yours.

The past is deathless.
Souls are wells too deep
To spend their purest gains.
All that he gave to you
Is yours to keep
While memory remains.
Who never had and lost
Forlorn are they
Far more that you and I
Who had and have
Judge not the price we pay
For love that cannot die.

- Arthur Guiterman

Thinking of you and remembering your sweet smile and sparkle in your eye... Missed today and always.

Lots of love xXx



Indeed time does pass and with it some of the memories that were once so vivid are just echoes. Echoes of a childhood we shared which seemed would go on for an eternity.


I had no notion at the time just how much of a Neverland we had. Worries seemingly important at the time would pale by comparison to what adulthood had in store.


As I get older, each year, I realise a little more how fortunate I was to be blessed by your friendship.


Missing you...


Andy P

As the years roll on, people talk less, but not a day goes by where I dont think of you and remember, not all good and not all bad.


Theres much I'd love to tell you but alas I can't, what I'd give to have another night setting the world to rights.


I would love my children to have known you better and you would have been a great example to them, I hope I can instill in them some your character and not just my own as you were so special in many many ways.


Love Always Andy



4 years Mark and remembered every day. I can see your face and your lovely smile without even closing my eyes. Rest peacefully, Mark and watch over us. xx


Auntie Gill

Happy Birthday honey, had a lovely afternoon with your family and Scottie.xx


Jenny Green

Happy Birthday, Mark. Remembered every day x


Auntie Gill

Happy birthday lovely... thinking of you lots xx



Happy Birthday buddy - everyone thinking of you.



(Wednesday 29th December 2010. 31st Birthday)

Just thinking about you, thinking about you and thinking about you. Missing you all the time.


Mum and Dad xxx

(if any friends have photographs we may not have seen, please send them in;thank you.) We have not written on the site for 3 years; thank you to everyone who has contributed. The site will continue indefinitely.


Doug & Anne

Missing you - would love to talk - will have to wait!


Our And

Thinking about you, especially today... X



Hello mate,


A lot has happened in 3 years. So much that there are times it seems like a lifetime ago. And then there are times when it seems like yesterday, and really... nothing has changed at all.


It's strange. You know how situations like these always seem to be happening to other people. Everybody has an opinion, a suggestion or otherwise. They say things get better with time. I am not really sure what that means to be honest. I don't think things 'get better' or 'worse' - they just go on.


I must admit there are times it frustrates the hell out of me. I have so much stuff that I want to tell you, crap you wouldn't even believe. But that will have to wait until another day..


The comfort we all get is in the constant reminder of the love, warmth and support so many people continue to show for you and the lives touched and people helped by the work of the Foundation.


Take it easy buddy..



I was thinking about you all day today, your lovely smile your caring nature, shine on Mark xxxxxxxxxxxxxx



3 years- thinking of you today and every day.


Auntie Gill

Hi Mark


Three years today and it still feels like yesterday.


We will all be thinking of you over a drink this evening. Cheers Mark, you will not be forgotten.


"I stood watching as the little ship sailed out to sea. The setting sun tinted his white sails with a golden light, and as he disappeared from sight a voice at my side whispered, "He is gone".


But the sea was a narrow one. On the farther shore a little band of friends had gathered to watch and wait in happy expectation. Suddenly they caught sight of the tiny sail and, at the very moment when my companion had whispered, “He is gone” a glad shout went up in joyous welcome, "Here he comes!"


Author: Anonymous


Heidi, Ian Angela, Phil & Sylvia McQueen

Sitting here listening to your awesome guitar playing in some of the Japanese Cars classics :) Thinking of you... X



Happy new year la, hope you had a good one




With love on your birthday...


Andy and Jen



Just a few words to commemorate your birthday,

A beautiful song, a beautiful person.

Happy Birthday


"Oh holy night!

The stars are brightly shining,

Tis the night, to celebrate your birth.

Long lay your world,

In peace and understanding,

You’ll appear, so warm and kindling,


Fall to your knees,

Oh hear the angel voices

Oh night devine,

Oh night when you were born,

Oh, Oh, night when you were born."


** Adapted from the :–

Christmas Carol ‘Oh Holy Night’

By Placide Cappeau de Roquemaure. - 1847 **


Happy Birthday


Sylvia, Angela, Heidi, Phil and Ian



Today is your birthday, two and a half years, since you left.

I will celebrate both our birthdays 2 night. Cheers!


I will think of you tonight.


"I'll sing it one last time for you,

Then we’ll really have to go,

You've been the only thing that's nice,

In my life time.


Light up, light up, as if we have a choice,

Even though you cannot hear my voice,

You'll be right beside me, near."


** Adapted from the song - Run by Snow Patrol **



Happy Birthday Mark, take it easy, we'll have a drink for you!


Greg & Bex

Thinking about you on the eve of your birthday.

Miss you more the longer you're gone.




Happy birthday Mark

You will never be forgotten

Lots of love

Auntie Gill xx



I was thinking of old friends and memories that will never happen....


As the sun slowly bid the sky goodnight I watched it in all its glory, it was like the final chapter of a very beautiful story.


It made me think of you and I and the laughs that we had shared, it left me feeling breathless; wishing you were still there.


I felt the warmth fade as the shadows prevailed, I felt the emptiness within as the glimmer of sun now paled.


Then came along the darkness and took away the view, once again I was alone; I’d seen another day without you.


Alex Hughes

Hey Marky,

Took some time out on Tuesday to think of the amazing and positive impact you have had on my life and that of my kick ass boys! I will always be truely grateful for that. Take it easy, Marky, and I'll do the same!


Lots of Love


Janet Sanz Parra

Thinking of you Mark...Missing you as always.



Greg & Bex

Thinking of you squire, take it easy x



Just to let you know Mark, that you are still in our hearts - two years on, and we wanted to remember you today, with a song by Michael Jackson; A tribute to two great people who touched a lot of peoples hearts and will never be forgotten. We hope you like it. "You Are Not Alone" Another day has gone I'm still all alone How could this be You're not here with me You never said goodbye Someone tell me why Did you have to go And leave my world so cold Everyday I sit and ask myself How did love slip away Something whispers in my ear and says That you are not alone For I am here with you Though you're far away I am here to stay But you are not alone For I am here with you Though we're far apart You're always in my heart "But you are not alone". **'You are not alone'; Music & Lyrics by: Michael Jackson


Heidi, Angel, Ian & Sylvia (McQ)

Two years ago you passed away, but in our thoughts you will always stay.x


Karen Ramzan

Thinking about you especially today. As the years go by, I miss you even more. Glad that you're resting peacefully. X



shine on mark like you always have miss you loads x



Dear Mark It may be two long years since we have seen you but you still walk with us every day. Miss you Auntie Gill x


Auntie Gill

Alright Mark, thought I would post on the day of the Merseyside Derby. Didn't realise how much you looked like Ray Quinn and/or Mikel Arteta until today! Hope you like Metallica's new album!





Sat here playing guitar and singing and you popped into my head. What natural ability you had. What a sweet guy.






Daniel Cheyne

Remember the new year we spent in Le Bateau? It was shit.

Happy new year squire, wish you were here :)



Thinking about you especially at this time.


Merry Christmas and happy birthday X





This last year has quickly passed,

To Mark, we will all raise a glass,

Listen to music, have a drink,

More than likely, throw up in the sink,

To memories old and memories new,

Mark, we wish, a happy birthday to you.


Cheers....Heidi, Angela, Ian, Phil and Sylvia.(McQ)


Heidi McQ.

The past year has flown by, you are always in my thoughts. Thinking of you all at this time. xxx



A year has passed but we all know you're still here, laughing at the stupid things we do, just you all over!


Take it easy up there, strumming with the leg-ends!



I went out on a boat today and got very burned. No doubt you are laughing hysterically at this.


Love always...



Hey Mark,


It's been a year..feels like yesterday. What a year... I'm still knocking about with your best bud andy. We are actually on holiday as i write this. He misses you loads. We talk about you every day. Whether its times when a load of books fall off the shelf and we say 'there goes Mark again!' or times when i just feel you watching me.


I don't get sad anymore, as I know you are at peace now; but I cherish the memories and just wish for one moment you were here with us having a giggle and giving me one of your hugs.


One great thing this year is that I've become great friends with your dear friend Warren... We all ended up at the Foo Fighters concert in Wembley... It was fantastic. Even though it was fabulous to be the three of us partying away, (yes 'Me' Mark, in the middle of a group of moshing rockers you would never have believed!), we all knew what was missing that night was you.


You will be with us always in spirit my dearest Mark. With love, jen xx


Jenny Green

It was not long ago I was thinking about school life. To think now that one of those people in my memories is gone.


I hope you are at peace. My sympathy to his family and friends. I'm sure he will be missed.


Jenny Pye

Not sure what to type. i still don't believe it, may this find you in the peace and happiness you deserve.


you're in my thoughts everyday,






You were a true god of the guitar. I hope you are at peace though your spirit will live on in the hearts of the people you touched.


For me just watching you play those hypnotizing melodies on your six string was something i'll never forget.


It was a pleasure to have gigged with you.


peace, love and rock 'n' roll!


Ollie, Chris, Rob and Paul


Ollie Phillips

A Birthday wish for you from me,

Although I can't give it personally,

It still means just as much,

Just like our lives you did touch.


So i send them to you,

Whereever you are,

I know in my heart,

You can't have gone far.


We'll have a drink, just for you,

Our wishes will always remain true,

We raise the glass upto the sky,

Without letting a tear show in our eye.


We know you are celebrating too,

Free to do it in your own way,

Up there in the heavens so blue,

We want you to have a Happy Birthday.


Greg & Bex (29th December 2007)

Happy Birthday Mark, have a drink in heaven for us.


Thinking of you always




Davina (29th December 2007)

You are never far away from my thoughts and always in my heart.

Happy Birthday Mark.


Hannah Watson (29th December 2007)

Happy Birthday darling Mark.


I miss you so much. I think of you always, sweet dreams my angel. I love you.


Bridie Blower (29th December 2007)

Happy Birthday Mark!


No doubt they know how to throw a good party in Heaven :) I wish I could give you a big happy birthday hug.


Miss your cheeky smile x


Lizzy (29th December 2007)

Happy Birthday, Squire. Missing you loads, especially today. Have a good one :) x


Warren (29th December 2007)

We wrote this verse, to commemorate your birthday, today.


We’ll celebrate it in style (as you would), this weekend, as we both (Heidi & Mark) celebrate our birthdays.


We know you’ll be with us in spirit……so cheers Mark! Happy Birthday.



A birthday wish is on its way

To Mark this very special day

A shining star, for every year

Holds memories of times so dear

If I could wish with all my might

For you to be here with us tonight

Our hearts would fill with joy and laughter

We’d party till the morning after

No cards, no presents need be bought

For we’ll celebrate with heartfelt thought


Cheers Mark………Happy Birthday


Heidi, Angie, Ian, Phil and Sylvia (29th December 2007)



First birthday away from home, you fell asleep on the 30th June 07


Have a good one where ever you are.


Sadly missed by all of us at Bargain Booze Kirkby xxxxxxx


BB Kirkby (29th December 2007)

Ordinarily Scott and I would be getting ready for a trip down to the Jewel of India in the Village, for a birthday curry.


Followed by a bus into town with a 3 litre bottle of cheap cider to give us enough courage to approach the doormen at the Krazy House.


This would all be clinically executed under the parental radar with help from your James Bond style portfolio of fake IDs - which always worked.


Of course Scott and I are long past the need for fake IDs. In fact I dare say we would now be turned away for looking like old farts.


Not you though mate - you never aged. And although I am sad that we can't grow old together, I am blessed that your eternal youth and relentless energy will forever keep me from growing too old.


Happy Birthday mate...


Andy (29th December 2007)

Anne, Doug, Andy, Lisa & family
We hope this poem will bring you peace and comfort, today, as we remember Mark.

When I make my wish for Christmas
It will not be for gifts or snow
It will be for peace and happiness
As your smile shines forever, through

This year should have been a good one
Both for you and for me
I’ll carry our dream forward
Knowing you’ll be there with me

I will focus on the future
With memories from the past
You’ll never be forgotten
For eternal love does last


Sylvia, Angela, Heidi & Ian

Since you could not be with us today, we thought we would visit you. We have written a Christmas song for you, which we will sing today.
Merry Christmas Mark, don't worry we'll have a drink (or two), for you.....cheers!

Snowflakes falling
I hear you calling
From beyond the winter skies
“At Christmas”
Oh’, I hear your sweet, sweet cries

Reindeer prancing
Angels dancing
All around the yuletide tree
“At Christmas”
I can feel you close to me

Oh’, it’s snowing
Snowball throwing
Footprints, glisten in the snow
“At Christmas”
You are here, I feel it so

Dancing, singing
Bells are ringing
Take my hand, don’t let me fall
“At Christmas”
We’ll dance till the angels call

There’s no weeping
Just rejoicing
Eternally, on Christmas day
“At Christmas”
And your heart, you’ll always stay



Sylvia, Angela, Heidi & Ian

Merry Christmas mate!


Clarke Buckeridge



I was recently looking through school photos a several months ago and came across one of you doing an "extreme close up"!! It really made me giggle.

I've packed them away, but will do my best to dig them out again so it can be shared with others.


So much I want to say, but feel sad knowing you'll never be able to read my words. I will keep them in my thoughts and share them with you that way.

I've not seen you in 12 years, but I remember you so well, usually with a guitar in tow, a big grin on your face, a twinkle in your eye and the classic 90's floppy hair do!


You alone, have had such a wonderful affect on people, it's overwhelming.

You're an Angel that was sent to touch so many lives and sadly you were summonded back too soon.


Your life was a gift to everyone around you.


Sweet Dreams Mark



Although I only knew you for a short time Mark it was such a pleasure, I will always remember that lovely young man. God bless you


Janet Hodson



Although we went our separate ways after Liverpool College your ever charming personality was never forgotten and I was bitterly saddened to here the terible news.


Will always remember having to wash dirty dishes with you in the school pavillion when we were "too sick" to play Rugby! At least we had a laugh about it!


Till we catch up again, God Bless


Dave Baker

I lived with you in Leeds for a year and me you and Clarke used to have a right old laugh! I remeber you strumming on your guitar - so sorry to have not stayed in touch hun. Have been reading these messages and they are all so true - you really were a cool guy.


My love goes to all your family, Sarah xx


Sarah Ojelade



What a great guy you are, crying as I write this to you. We were buddies for so long can't believe your gone. We had so many good time's together, me, you and Andy. Listening to music and even something trying to play it. You were like a brother to me. I remember making you listen to metallica and guns 'n' roses, though you adpoted your own taste, not always to my liking.


We played guitar together dancing around the room, every time I play air guitar it will be for you. You and I will live forever.


You are missed. Simon xxx


Simon Clarke


I could never have asked for a kinder or more thoughtful friend who was always there for his friends when they needed someone to talk to.


You will always be remembered with such lovely memories and I feel truly priviliged to have known you.


May you rest peacefully now dearest Mark.xxxx


Hannah Watson

We used to party altogether in the good old days when you were in 'Japanese Cars' we had laughs after & hugs & you were always little Marky, so cute and smily, I was always so glad to see you cause we had such great conversations & jokes.


I moved away and took it for granted I would just bump into you when I visited, I wish I had kept in contact.


I remember your smile the most and your great guitar skills and charm. Such a truly wonderful guy, I hope you have found peace, you will be so missed.


Deepest sympathy to your family. Rest in Peace Mark.



Mark was ..Abbey's, my daughters, first real boyfriend, and like any father, we train ourselves.. not to like our daughters, boy friends, because they are replacing us.. That's how we think.. it's a father thing.


Mark was different, he was a very cute.. intelligent.. and it was very hard for me to treat him as I wanted to (at arms length ) because i knew Abbey adored him..

However I saw his qualities myself. He was a great kid to know, and a good boy. He visited me many times after he and Abbey parted, we talked for hours had a cup of tea..


Robbie, our Dog, adored him too and he always gave Robbie time... As he would walk away from the house he would look back from the gate and smile and say tell Abbey ,Tasha and Christine I have been, and I'm fine ..if he had been a son of mine I would also be as proud of him as Doug and Anne are.


As a boy he was a great communicator....as a father I was suppose to see him as a threat..Dads are like that ..but quietly ....I took to him ,and valued ..the time he gave me when he visited.. I will miss him. Be proud of him Doug, he was very special kid...


Terry Holligan

What can I say? What can anyone say?

The earth has lost an angel.


Marcus, you are such a wonderful, soft, kind, giving, peaceful gentleman. Always a quiet type: a gem amidst the rough.


Your gentle spirit touched us all. Lads wanted to be you. Girls wanted to be with you.


You were a lovely little gift to us all. A piece of each of us has gone with you.


You will be forever in our hearts Mark, while our guitars gently weep... xxx


Bob Blackwell



When I heard the news I found it hard to believe. You seemed such a happy, friendly, caring person with such a beautiful smile. I am so sad to see you go and hope that you are now happy. I am glad that i got to meet you and enjoyed time spent with you in the years I knew you; if only it could have been longer.


You will be missed so much and always remembered.

Deepest sympathies to Doug, Anne, Andy and Lisa



Rachael Miller

Having only just found out the sad news I am almost lost for words. You always seemed so happy and smiling and brought a ray of light into the room with you. I remember last seeing you in Easter 2006 and you were so easy to be around and have fun with.


I was never a close friend but I still loved your company and thought you were a great guitarist with model good looks and a kind heart. I know how much you meant to others, especially the members of the band in school.


I hope you are now in a happier place.


Lily Canter

As your soul takes flight to an invisible world, may your spirit remain with your friends and family always.


Sleep well Mark, all my love, Claire x


Claire O'Neill

Dear Mark


From the moment we met I knew music was passion that we both shared. Every conversation we had about music is something I will always treasure.


I wish to say thank you for being a great friend and for being such a kind, warm hearted person who cared so much for others.


I cannot believe you are no longer with us. But I hope you are happy wherever you are. I will always miss you.


Go and show Hendrix a few things with your guitar!


Goodnight and god bless my friend x.


Nick Heaven



What a star. I used to look forward to times when you'd hang out with us in Leeds. You brought something to the table so genuine and wholly yourself. I'm so sad to have lost touch and wish we could relive the old days.


The world is a less beautiful place without you.


Paul Johnson

My darling Mark,


I miss you so much. I truly hope that you have found what you were searching for and the torment you faced is now over. You brought so much love and light into my life. I will never forget you. In all that I do, in every decision and judgement I make I will think of you. Please now guide me through whatever lays ahead.


The most beautiful boy I have ever met, your eyes always sparkled and your smile was infectious. So kind, so gentle, so warm and so honest, you were in every way my best friend. The happiness we shared will never leave me. I will forever hold on to the good times, our love will remain in my heart evermore.


I will dream of you always precious Mark. I love you my angel.


Bridie Blower

You were one of those people, one of the ones that you hope to meet on the journey whilst we're here...


You shone through the crowd and sang through your guitar...


A genuinely good guy with heart, warmth and soul...


Your spirit will stay with me and those you have left behind x


Leon Seth


You were the first friend I made in Leeds when I arrived up north not knowing anyone. You turned out to be the best friend I had in Leeds in my time there.

I just can't believe that I won't share a pint, watch a gig or watch endless rubbish on the box without you ever again mate!


It was a complete pleasure knowing you Mark, you will never know how much you shine.


Hope the amps are cranked up n loud in heaven!



Clarke Buckeridge

Mark was always a lively, intelligent and friendly guy, always willing to give advice or help to those he knew.


He loved a laugh and I remember well many chats we had in our sixth form years.



Rupert Bennett

Sleep well sweetheart. I love you very much and always will x



Mark I hope that you have found some peace to quieten your brilliant but often destructive thoughts.


It was a pleasure to have known you for even just a short time.


Alex Williams

Jace, thats how i knew you. I have many a fond memory of you. You were always so lovely. You used to come to my house with Doug (your dad) and i used to get excited when i saw you come up the driveway. You were so cute. Saw you a few weeks ago and wish i had made the effort to chat more.


My heart goes out to the family.

Sleep tight xxxx


Emily Howarth

Dear Marky,


You were a gentle soul in a turbulent world. As a child you were so cute I loved to cover you with red lipstick kisses. Everyone knew when you had seen Auntie Gill!

From a beautiful child you grew to be a beautiful adult. Even though you were a young man - beautiful is the word that best describes you. Beautiful without and within.


Your wonderful smile, gentle ways and impeccable manners became your trademark. All who met you loved and respected you. You unknowingly touched many many lives. The gap you have left can never be filled.

Rest in perfect peace,Mark. Rest in perfect peace.


Auntie Gill



Auntie Gill

To Anne and Doug,


Mark will never be far away,

You'll sense him near you every day.


He was a most likeable lad and will be truly missed.


Joan & Noel Keith

"What we have once enjoyed, we can never lose. All that we love deeply, becomes a part of us."


"To live in the hearts we leave behind, is not to die."


It was a privilage to have known you, Mark.


Sylvia McQueen-Prentice

A privilege to have known such a talented & sincere individual at school - hope you have found peace


Andy Dunbar

You always made me laugh Mark every Monday or Friday calling into the shop to do your bit for the family business,listening to me moaning over your Dad and Andy and Dmitri always being late for work!


We always cracked a joke about how many more of my family members were gonna end up working for u all,we nearly took over!

Hope you are at peace now matey and thanx for the laughs (i needed it ha ha!) Keep smiling and keep strummin them fingers kid!X Doug,Anne and Andy (so sorry!)x


Yvonne Winrow (BB, Aigburth Road)

Always a smile to keep our day a little brighter, miss you loads mark, be good up there and keep smiling


all our love linda and kerry


deepest sympathy to doug,anne,andy and family our hearts are with you all xx


Kerry Poole (BB Walton)

There's another angel looking down at us now. God bless you Mark, good night, sleep tight.



Mark, we wanted to share this with you and with everyone else;

A Poem for Mark (written on 09/07/07)

We gathered today to say goodbye
We laughed, we talked, we had a cry.
So many people together as one,
So many memories of times gone.

A church packed with people from near to far,
A queue to the car park, car after car.
All of us here for one very special reason,
To celebrate the joy you gave season after season.

To know how loved you are is clear to see,
You just had to look at all your friends and family,
Listening Afterwards to stories old and new,
It's clear to see how people were touched by you.

Although you may have left your body here,
It's obvious that your spirit is left with everyone who's dear.
You've made a big difference to everyone each day,
And will carry on doing so in your own way.

So although we're all here Mark,
And I don't want to say goodbye,
As I know you're still here Mark,
And now you're free to fly.

Rest in Peace.


Bex and Greg

I don't really know what to say, other than, everytime I saw you, you were never without a smile. Your eyes mirrored a beautiful soul. Such a lovely human being. Rest in peace Mark. X


Laurie Cleary

Mark, memories of you will last forever, all those games we used to play as kids.

I always wanted to be just like you, you were the person I looked up to.

I'll never forget the journeys and trips you took me in your car when i couldn't drive, for everything we have ever shared and done together I am eternally grateful.

I will miss you like everyone, hasta la proxima. Greg XXX



It seems like yesterday when we used to play baseball outside until sunset, then air guitared to Guns'n'Roses in your bedroom.

You'll be greatly missed, Mark.

You've left this life for a peaceful place, but your memory will live on forever.


Simon Finley

Every other day I remember nipping out of my shop for a 'quick' break and I'd come to say hello to you in your shop. You'd always offer me a seat and a can of coke. The quick hello would end fifteen minutes later when you would often ask me if I had left the shop open. 9 times out of ten I had forgoten to shut the doors over so I'd run back and you'd laugh!

I will never forget your kind positive words when you came to see me last week, you always had good things to say and reassured me that everything would work out with the shop and it did.

Mark, it was a pleasure to have known you.

You will forever be in my thoughts.

Sooz xxx


Susannah O'Driscoll

It's been awhile and it seems it will be awhile until I see you again.

It has indeed been awhile since I saw you, school in fact, and I remember you as the guy who was always approachable and always smiling.

It is such a massive shame that you are gone from everyone's lives who you have so obviously touched by reading these comments.

My thoughts and sympathies to your family, friends old and new and colleagues far and near.


John Mitchell

Would you believe, I didn't even know you Mark. You were a friend of my daughter's - Jenny. But after reading the beautiful words and poems from your many friends and acquaintances I gather you were a very beautiful, caring and talented human being and my heart is heavy at the loss of such a special soul. You will be in a peaceful place now, 'free as a bird'. Our loss is their gain. Rest in Peace.


Sandra Hilliard (Keogh)


I'll always remember the family holiday when my brothers and Andy were dunking me under the water and you tried to save me!

You really were a lovely, beautiful person. I wish I'd kept in touch with you after school.

I really hope you are happy and in a much more peaceful place.

You'll be missed by so many people xxx


Kate Finley


We had a lot of laughs although i only knew you for a short time. Remember the birthday kiss? And you tried to run me over in your car. It was all in good fun. Fun is what you were full of, you could see it in your face. Rest in peace.

With deepest sympathy to Anne, Doug, Andy & Lisa. I hope this verse helps you like it helped me and my family.

Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away into the next room. I am I and you are you. Whatever we were to each other, that we still are. Call me by my old name familiar, speak to me in the easy way which you always used. Put no difference in your tone, wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow. Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together. Pray smile think of me pray for me. Let my name be ever the household word that it always was, let it be spoken without effect, without the trace of a shadow on it, life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was; there is unbroken continuity. Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight? I am waiting for you for an interval, somewhere very near, just around the corner. All is well.


Pat Duffy

You were the first person to say hello and welcome me when I set up shop at Grand central and from that day you always had time to chat to me and help me in any way you could. You were very kind to play guitar to my son in your shop and answer all those little inquisitive questions 6yr old boys have. My son was mesmerized by you. You will be missed very, very, much.


Allison Fernandez

Our deepest sympathy to Doug, Anne, Andy and family.

You were not only our neighbours but our friends too.

Mark was a joy to have known and we know he is at peace now.

Our thoughts are with you all always, Kevin, Brenda and family


Kevin and Brenda Birchall

I only just learnt of this sad news upon returning from our family holiday.

Mark was my first love. We were next door neighbours that became young love birds. I still have our photos and the forever friends teddy bear which was the first ever gift you bought me. I bought you the nine inch nails c.d you had wanted.

I will never forget the time we spent together, Summer afternoons in Reynold's Park, and when we used to sneak up onto the Reservoir and sit there till the Sun went in. You taught me the opening of Roxanne on your guitar as you knew it was my favourite. You were always so thoughtful and kind. I am proud to say you were my first love.

You will never be forgotten Mark. I know you are at peace now.

Sleep tight Mark, Love Cheryl xxx


Cheryl Birchall


As with many who have left fitting tributes we only met up occasionally but when we did, as with the others, you made me smile.

Funny, talented, kind and caring you were a great person, you are a legend.

You will always be fondly remembered and sadly missed.

I hope you have found your peace.

See you next time round mate.


Gaz Davies

A lovely Boy. So sad.


Maurice Dempsey

Tubs.....I don't think you ever really knew how deeply you touched my heart and how special you really were. I will always remember your cheeky grin, sparkling eyes and your gentle ways.

I still treasure that book you bought me, remember our favourite one - "You're the strangest person I ever met, she said and I said you too and we decided we would know eachother for a long time."

I hope you have found peace my tubby one. I love ya and I miss ya but i'll see you again...somehow,somewhere.


Kels Ofsoske

Didn't know you very long and didnt meet under the best circumstances but we made the best of our time together and had a laugh. you will be deeply missed and I will never forget you. You got me through some tough times although you were going through them yourself and for that reason alone I have got to believe you are in a better place.


R.I.P. Your mate always Aidi. hugs and kisses, love and laughter. xxx


Aidi Payton

Do not stand at my grave and weep,

I am not there,

I do not sleep.


I am a thousand winds that blow,

I am the diamond glints on the snow,

I am the sunlight on ripened grain,

I am the gentle autumn rain.


When you awaken in the morning's hush,

I am the swift uplifting rush,

Of quiet birds, In Circled flight,

I am the soft stars that shine at night.


Do not stand at my grave and cry,

I am not here;

I did not die.




Jen & Andy

I only met you a couple of times Mark, but every time you came in the shop you always had a smile!

Rest in peace Mark


Deepest Sympathy to Doug and family xx


Lyndsey Warrington (Thoroughgoods, Queens Drive)



You were a kind, sensitive and talented young man. We are thankful for having known you in this life. May your spirit released from this world find contentment. We will miss you.


What will survive of us is love.

Phillip Larkin


Anne, Doug, Andy and family

Our hearts go out to you. We hope that the happy memories you have of Mark will give you strength and comfort through this difficult time.


Graham and Irene Hughes

I will always remember the special times we had when we were younger, we were always so close. I know we have not seen each other in a long time but you have never been far from my thoughts. I know you have been through troubled times, I hope you are at peace now.xx


Anne, Doug and Andrew my thoughts are with you at this sad time. Deepest Sympathy Claire xx


Claire Wright O'Brien



I have known you for a long time, it was a pleasure to have known and worked with you.


Deepest sympathy to Anne, Doug, Andy and family.


Rest in peace Mark xx


Wendy Goulding and family

Your smile I will always remember, wish we had kept in touch, thank you for the kindness you showed my children on a rare visit to your house letting them play on your drums and giving them a momento to treasure.


Rest in Peace Mark x



Remembering Mark is easy to do, quite simply his smile was bright and happy a true reflection of his parents and family and the way he felt about the people around him, I saw Mark at his Nans and when he lived on Aigburth Road and the family gatherings.


I hope where Mark is now that he is still smiling with family and friends.


To Douglas, Anne, Andrew and family

Thinking of you always



Dearest Mark,


Mark I first met you when you were 8, and like everyone we only wish we had known you better. The times we spent in your company were always happy times. Your smile would light up the room when you entered. You never truly realised just how much you touched peoples lives.


Doug, Anne, Andrew and family, no words can even begin to describe the pain you are suffering. Your lives have changed forever. Your family and friends will be there for you every step of the way. Memories will never be forgotten, and Mark will always be a part of you all.


Rest in peace Mark. x


Andy, Katie and Yasmin

God rest your soul wee geezer, it was a privilidge to have spent time in your company, i will sadly miss you, big,g.


Graeme McMillan

Although we never seen you often, when we did you would always made us smile and go weak at the knee's, we were always gutted when someone else would come for the paper work.


You will be dearly missed by us all, Goodnight god bless Mark xxxxxx


Karen, Tracy, Gemma, Laura-Jean and Michelle (BB Kirkby)

Mark, I have not seen you for a very long time but I have some very fond memories of what we used to get up to. My favourite one was playin hide an seek in that big house of your mum and dads, we were just kids then.We grew up along side each other and at an age we parted our seperate ways but I never forgot you mate.You were always in my head and my heart. Sleep well mate I'm sure I will see you again. Sean


Anne,Doug and Andy you are in my thoughts always I'm so very sorry for your great loss. Sean


Sean O'Brien



We watched you and Andy growing up alongside our own children and always looked on you both as part of our own family. It was obvious from an early age that you were special.You were such a caring, sensitive and thoughtful boy.This world does not cater for special people like you, but if there is a God and a Heaven you will surely be there by his side.


To be a parent is the hardest job in the world and yet the most rewarding. Nobody can teach you how to do it or how to deal with the pain of losing one of our children. Doug and Ann we share your pain and will always be here for you and Andy.


Love Jimmy, Jean and Sean x


Jimmy, Jean and Sean

It's such a shame that the world has lost a genuinely lovely guy.


You were so kind, generous and a real gentleman. I'll miss your friendly hugs.

I regret not getting to know you better but I'm glad you've managed to find some peace from this hectic world.




Lizzy Garner-Foy



I know we have not seen each other for years, but in my opinion we spent the best years of our life together, our childhood. I have many fond memories of those times and i will never forget you. You will always remain in my heart, rest in peace Mark x x x


Deepest sympathy to Anne, Doug, Andrew and family.


Deborah O'Brien

From when you were a boy to the last time we met, one thing has remained the same; your ability to make people feel good.


Your humour, your compassion and your gentleness will always be an example to those of us fortunate enough to have called you a friend.


The world is darker and colder without you.


Alex Hughes



You really were a beautiful and talented person. I feel glad to have known you and privileged to have spent some great times with you. I'll always look back on those memories and smile.


Sleep tight xxx


Hayley Roberts

It was always a pleasure to see you walk through the door Mark, always a smile and a kind word.


Rest well now that your pain is over xx


Sue Smith

My memories of 'Andy's little brother' are happy ones, long bike rides through Reynolds Park or Childwall Woods, and playing in the Garden of the house on Beaconsfield Road..


I will never know or understand what you went through in later life and for that I am sorry.


Here's to happy memories. Rest in Peace Mark


Barry O'Hare

Never forgotten you sweet man. You are a cherub and a King.


I will remember you most for your guitar playing that invited us all into your beautiful and delicate world x


Luke Smith



During all the years I've known you you always had a smile and a kind word for everyone.


With deepest sympathy to Anne,Doug,Andy & family.


Goodnight, God bless Mark xxx


Cheryl Rawes and family

With heartfelt and sincere sympahy.


May you find comfort in knowing that your special son touched the lives of so many others and gave them the gift of many memories.


God bless you Mark


Lynn Begley-Dykes



I didn't know you for long, or even that well, but I do know you were beautiful inside and out. I will never forget our trip to the Tate or our easter meal and our chat that day.


You were kind, caring and so talented and you made the world a better place by being in it. I hope you are at peace now.


with all my love,


Ali xxxx


Alice Blower

To Douglas, Anne, Andrew and family,


No words are enough. Sorry can?…¨?t say it all, but I hope it helps to know my heart goes out to you all; you will always be in my prayers.






To Mark,


Although we are related I only met you a few times at family parties and that was only briefly, you were in your teens and I was in my ? Enough said.


My loss, the tributes from your family and friends are a credit to you all. This web site shows just how much you were loved, respected and admired by the people whose lives you touched and how much you will be missed by them all. I add my respect to theirs and to you, a young man with so much strength and courage.


I wish I had known you better.

Rest in peace Mark


Kate and Richard - Cousin of Douglas



I am so glad that our paths crossed.When I first met you, just 7 months ago, I had never experienced such a gentle and kind sincere man such as you, and may not again I fear.


I remember after working in your apartment for just a few days, I went home to my wife and told her that I was working for Mark McQueen, Andy Pimlett's mate and told her there was something about him that was special. I had never talked to her about anyone else in this way and she looked at me with a frown. If she had met you, she would have understood how you lightened peoples days with that smile and kind words.


People use kind words when someone has passed, but in your case, I can vouch that every one of them are true from the heart. I am very fortunate to have known you Mark.


See you up there kid!


Denis Warnick

You were such a beautiful person and it was a pleasure to have had you for a relative and friend. Its such a pity we never got to spend more time with each other.


You will always be in our hearts.


Ian and Angela McQueen-Prentice

Although we only knew you briefly, you were extremely helpful with costumes and looked forward to seeing what wonderful clothes we would find when we came in to your shop. You were the utmost of gentlemen and it was a pleasure to have met you, you are a credit to your parents and Heidi was lucky to have a relative as beautiful as you.


The Cast and Crew of Coronation Street



You were not just a relative to me, but became a caring, and beautiful friend.

It was amazing at how many things we shared in common. In recent months, we planned to do so much together and I feel I had found a 'soul mate' and lost one before we could finish our plans.


Heidi McQueen-Prentice

Hello Lovely Mark,

Marky, I will miss you terribly. We went through a lot together but we always end up with a smile, a laugh or a fit of giggles, a strawberry and cream fight in the lounge or a piggyback ride 'home'. You soothed me with your guitar when i was sad or anxious and even managed to make me smile while berating my driving skills and sense of direction.


I wish we could hug one more time. I will cherish every moment we spent together with pleasure and pride at having known you. You touched my heart and meeting you has made me a better and more humble person.


Thank you, my lovely, beautiful, talented, caring Marky. I love you.


Your little miss ray of Sanshine


Janet Sanz Parra

Mark it was a great pleasure to have known you. You will never be forgotten, sleep peacfully, goonight god bless xx


Sue Jones

So many wonderful words and thoughts from so many people. You may have left us all so suddenly Mark, but you will live in our hearts and minds forever.


The world you left behind is all the poorer for you leaving, and yet, all the lives you touched are all the richer for having known you. Goodbye.


Ron Pimlett

It was a great pleasure to have known you Mark. I will never forget how welcome you made me feel when I first moved to Liverpool.


You were always such good fun and I will never forget you. I hope you are at peace now xx


Gary Burton

We will always remember your sunny smile,'Beautiful Boy'

our thoughts are with Doug, Anne, Andy, Lisa and family.


Penny Pimlett

It?…¨?'s times like this we look to our friends and families and hold them a little tighter and say the words that we often find difficult - how grateful we are that we have been given this time together, however short, and how much they mean to us and shape our lives.


And how much we'?…¨?ll miss them when they are gone.


Mark, I wish I could have known you better as an adult, but my memories of us growing up will never die. You?…¨?'ll be sorely missed mate.


Graham Hughes Jr

We've known Mark for many years. Always the most kind,considerate and genuine person you could wish to meet.


Deepest sympathy to Anne, Doug, Andy and family.


Elaine, Michaela and Family

I remember the first time I met Mark. The first thing I thought, was that he was the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen, then I realised he was also the easiest to talk to. Within minutes we were sharing our biggest secrets, and well on the road to becoming dear friends.


He was not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. When I was scared he quietly held my hand, when I was sad he made me laugh, and when I was happy he was a part of it. He was one of the most perceptive, eloquent and intelligent people I've ever met. Fiercely protective of his friends and completely trustworthy, he was a real gentleman with impeccable manners and a warmth people couldn't resist.


There are not many people you meet in this life who you can completely be yourself around, but I didn't once feel shy or awkward around Mark. Whether we were dancing like idiots to Fleetwood Mac or watching tv in our pyjamas, it didn't matter, we didn't judge each other. I have so many wonderful memories from the duration of our friendship, but most of them centre around the brilliant conversations we shared. The best bit of a night out was getting ready together; sharing our favourite music, trying to sing the high bits in my Kate Bush CD and making each other laugh.


Unfortunately, Mark was too beautiful and too fragile for this life. I know that he would be devastated to see his family and friends mourning his awful departure, but I also pray he is now at peace. I would just love the chance to have one more cuddle and tell him face-to-face how much I adore him, and how sorry I am that I wasn't there when he needed me most.



Mark you were such a special, talented and beautiful person. Although I knew you for only a short time, I'm so glad to have met you. I'll never forget your smile. xx


Kate Veevers

We used to say you lived in your own little world... Mark's world... Where the sun always shined and there were no clocks.


YOU WERE ALWAYS LATE WITH the WAGE SLIPS, but you would give us that lovely smile and we would always forgive you.


You were a beautiful person inside and out, it was a pleasure to have known you... Forever in my thoughts Mark .xxx


Jeanette Rooney



Only knew you for a short time, but it was a pleasure to have met you.

Rest peacefully, goodnight and god bless xxx


Sau Ross



You only realise how much someone touched your life when they stop touching it. You may not be able to touch our lives now but you will always touch our hearts.


When Marianne and I had our first child we decided upon the name Mark, but before we were 100% we thought of all the people we knew called Mark, you were one of them and so we called our special little boy Mark. You will always be your Mum and Dad?…¨?s special little boy.


?…¨®MARK the Latin Name taken from Mars, Roman God of war. A principled and determined young man of strong character. He is the master of his own fate.?…¨?


You are at peace now and for ever, all our Love Les and Maz. XXX


Les and Maz

Although it's a few years since I last saw you, your friendly, welcoming, fun loving and always gentle personality made you very memorable.


And who could ever forget that beautifully cheeky smile? Now you will never have to grow old and we can all, always remember you just as you were.


Thank you for being such a genuinely lovely person.


Rest peacefully Mark.


Nicki Green

Mark, we did not meet up as much as we should have, but you are a fantastic person, and I am honoured to have known you and call you my friend.


We met in Canada, and had an amazing time. You will always be part of our lives, and we are all richer for it.


I will never foget.


Ewan Bramhall

To Doug, Anne and Andy


No words can ease the pain you feel at such a tragic loss, but perhaps the undeniable knowledge that Mark earned himself a special place in the hearts of everyone he met may serve as some small comfort at such a desperate time.


For myself Mark, I deeply regret the lost opportunity of getting to know such an outstanding individual a little better but offer solace to your loved ones left behind in the belief you will, one day, be reunited.


Goodnight and God Bless.


John Abraham

Dearest Mark,


You have been in my life since we were both young boys, nearly twenty years. Throughout those years there were times when we were closer than others, but you were always there, and the times with you were always special. Now you are gone and I will never truly understand why.


I hope you are at peace, in a better place. I will think of you.


Ben Ludzker

You'll never know how much you were loved by everyone who knew you.


I'll cherish the time we spent working together. You were great company; kind, funny and sensitive. You were my assistant, but more than that, you were my friend. I'm so glad you called in on Friday. I wish I'd given you the biggest hug. With Love. xxx


Karen McCluskey

John and I were so terribly sad to hear about Mark. You must both be absolutely devastated.


I just remember him as such a charming young man when he worked at Mangetoute a few years ago - we loved having him. Cosmo was working there too, during his gap year, and they used to go out on deliveries together round the town. Cosmo is also very sorry and sends you every sympathy.


Please just know we are all thinking of you at this unendurable time and we send you our love and best wishes.


Juliet and John Shield

Mark, of all the people who leave messages here now or in the future I am the luckiest, as I had more time with you than anyone else and am blessed with more memories than most, these I will treasure forever and I will miss you as much now as yesterday and as 50 years in the future.


My consolation is knowing you were a very good man that had not one malicious bone in your body.


You have touched and influenced many people's lives in a way that you never realised. I know you are now at peace; I will miss you everyday forever. Andy XXX.


Andy - Your Brother

Mark you where one of the good guys and will be missed a lot. Catch you next time around dude.


Scott Billingsley

You were an amazing guy and I feel lucky to have known you for the last two years. I will miss you more than you'll ever know x


Laura Tallentire

Mark I am honoured to have known you for the short time I did in the band and after. Your caring and courteous manner, your cheeky humour and your exceptional musical talent that inspired me - I will miss it all. I still can't understand why you're not with us. I hope to see you again one day my friend. All my love and respect.


Paul Price

For the little I knew about music, I knew that you were a genius on the guitar... and am so grateful that you carried that passion throughout your life not just within your music, allowing people like me to share in your many passions... thank you Xx


Sally Proctor

Mark you were such a great guy. Did not see you all that often but I will always remember you.


Wayne Pimlett

Everything I go on to do in life, I will wish you were there by my side, or laughing at the end of the phone.


You have always been a great friend - always there when I needed you most. I will miss you immensely and always look back with fondness at the great times we had: practicing the same nirvana song terribly 100 times when we 13; the laughs we had on the canadian adventure.


I am grateful for you phoning last week, I am just sad that you didn't take me up on my offer to come to London for a few days break. Goodbye mate - I will always be thinking of you x


Scott McNally

There are so many thoughts I can't even begin to express. I'm so upset you decided to leave when I, amongst so many, really wanted you around. I'm so glad that you always did things the way you wanted to. You were my best friend, my confidant and my mentor and I will miss you dearly for the rest of my life X


Warren Keith

Nothing can ever replace the part of me that has now been lost forever. But growing up with you has left me with a lifetime of memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I love you buddy, I will never forget you.


Andy Pimlett

Marcus Parkus...im going to miss you so so much.


The way you stood up so politely every time I entered the room, the way you listened to me, the way you gave me hugs, the way you made me smile.


You had this amazing ability to sense when I was feeling shy in a crowd. A lot of what me and Andy are comes from the memories with you. From nights with Abbey in town throwing flyers up into the sky, to the night spent in A+E when you slipped on the ice and landed on your chin on your birthday. The time you downed a pitcher of Cosmopolitan at 10am, the day after the night before to last boxing day watching all the Rocky films back to back, all three of us snug on the sofa - memories I will cherish forever.


It feels so wrong to be carrying on life without you there next to us - but I know in my heart you're right here next to us.


I love you so much. your jen xx


Jenny Green

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