The Mark McQueen Foundation

Mark's spirit and passion continues to live on and touch the lives of other troubled individuals through the work of the Mark McQueen Foundation. In its first year it has won the Funding Pioneer of the Year Award 2009 and provided approximately £66,000 in grants to specialist projects and schemes.

Coming soon will be the launch of the foundation website providing regular and detailed insights into the work being conducted -

In Memory of Mark Joseph McQueen

He collected friends with ease through his placid nature, unconventional wit and sharp sense of irony.


Those angelic features and charming innocence never failing to touch the lives of the people he met.


The 27 years of joy and laughter that Mark gave us will be missed so much, by so many.


Yet there is comfort in knowing he has finally found the peace he searched so long and ardently to find.


Today, 29th December, would have been Mark's 37th birthday. He remains missed beyond belief by Mum, Dad, Andy, Lisa and boys and other family and friends.


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On Saturday 30th June 2007 Mark Joseph McQueen took his own life and in so doing silenced the demons that had tortured him for so many years.


Perhaps this tragic end was inevitable for the boy who never grew up; for someone who showed little time for the normality of ordinary life and instead took refuge in the chaos of uncertainty and the thrill of the night.


His relentless lifestyle was part of his passion - his music. The sanctuary of creativity and soaring tones of the guitar was where he most enjoyed life. For Mark, music was life and this love for the art always evident in his talent.


It seemed as though he knew almost everybody in Liverpool. A simple walk down the street hampered by frequent pauses to greet another person - a friend, a fellow musician or simply an acquaintance.


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